Black Jack
Snake Eyes Say hello to Basher!
Jacob Viral is the leader of another group of Exiles known as "Snake Eyes", and is Leon's sworn Rival. He is vicious and seems to show no feelings for anyone or anything. "Basher" prefers to settle all differences with his fists, not his words, especially against the members of Black Jack. More often than not, Leon acts the same way in return. However they are not below helping each other out in harsh situations, risky may it be.

The past is the past. I'd take amnesia over being an outcast any day
X10 was a spy in his life before exile. He is a man of secrecy. So much so, that he forced himself into forgetting his own name at an early age after signing his last signature to become a part of a secret syndicate. His reason? To avoid being uncovered through interrogation and torture.
He is not only very secretive, but very disciplined, having mastered many styles of fighting for many different reasons. The anchor he wields was the first instrument he found capable of use as a weapon after his exile, therefore he trained himself continuously to the point he could wield it as skillfully and quickly as a samurai could wield his sword.
It is also rumored that he had a past run-in with Mask when they were both spies.

Now you'll kneel before the power of my CRAZY SILVER!
"Crazy Silver" - X10's ultimate attack, Crazy Silver can only manifest when X10 feels any surge of anger or hate. When activated, Crazy Silver allows X10 to manipulate the energy used to power his robotic body. This fact however, leaves X10 completely exhausted afterwards. While using Crazy Silver, X10 can shape his energy into anything he wishes... Most often though, he uses it to make a large energy blade come out of his anchor, with the anchor itself acting as the hilt.

So you don't like to talk, huh? Well I guess we've got something in common
Much like Emily, Prophet's contraction of EX Disease resulted in an alteration of mind instead of body. He rarely speaks, but tends to periodically speak words of wisdom and is arguably the most intelligent member of Snake Eyes, thus the nickname "Prophet". Another attribute that displays his advanced intelligence is that (unlike Emily), Prophet has the ability to control and use his telekinetic powers at will.
Ironically, Prophet's quiet personality has gained him a strange, almost brotherly bond with the secretive "X10", often fighting along side one another in battle.

Eh, what're ya gonna do? Might as well make the best of things, eh? Nothin' can keep me from puttin' all the cards out on the table!
Floyd was one of the earliest members of Snake Eyes, having first founded the group alongside Basher. Floyd prefers to stay off the field of battle, despite his prowess in Fighting. As a human, Floyd was a professional gambler/con-artist and ran an illegal underground gambling ring.
Although hardly anything is known about Basher in his days before Exile, rumor has it that he was involved in the gambling ring. Some even speculate that the group's name; "Snake Eyes" was spawned from this.

What is it that you fear most?
White Crow is an eerie man with a dark past. His reasons for joining Snake Eyes are unknown as are his goals, but he is allowed to stay due to his exceptional, albeit brutal fighting skills. Basher's only rule is that White Crow fights behind the scenes and separate from Snake Eyes, as his complete disregard for others' pain and suffering brings about chilling results on the battlefield, even to the point that Basher would get queasy. Prophet has even stated that White Crow may have a deep involuntary crave for the sight of blood, leading him to believe White Crow to have a mental state close to insanity.

You speak of it as if it were a shallow fetish... When in reality... It's so much more than that!
"Embodiment of Fear" - While not the name of a specific attack, Embodiment of Fear is what Basher calls White Crow's unique ability of gaining power off of peoples' fear. The more scared someone is, the more power White Crow can manifest. One disturbing piece of information that Basher hasn't disclosed to the rest of the group is that when White Crow asks; "What do you fear most?" Answering "Nothing" to this question almost always results in the near immediate death of the person in question. Whether this is a twisted joke that White Crow chooses to play... Or an eerie power, as if signing your life away, not even Basher knows...