Black Jack
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Commander Jared Evsteel is the leader of the Exile operations, and although fighting for a questionable purpose, he is respected and looked up to by many.
He primarily gives orders to the troops, and is rarely seen in combat... But rumor has it he is a master swordsman.

Magnifique! Let's exterminate those barbarians once and for all!

Esper Joseph Alexander III, although a strange, (and somewhat feminine) man, is a skilled fighter none-the-less. While not actually human, his contribution to the military force has assured him freedom from the classification of "Exile", despite traces of EX Disease in his DNA.

It gets oh so tedious collecting items for my more, Taboo projects

A man who holds no thoughts or feelings for human life, and puts science before all else, Professor Vlood Halvein is not one to expect pity from. Although he is inhuman, and takes the form of a bat, it is not due to EX Disease. The truth of his demonic appearance lies in a freak accident many years ago, during one of his experiments. Despite his monstrous appearance he is actually a scientific genius, and he accepted his change as one for the better early on in his 'rebirth' as he likes to call it.
He is known for his rather dark experiments and often needs the assistance of mercenaries to retrieve the 'Supplies' for these projects. He himself is not a fighter, but he has made himself quite formidable simply by using his wit.

Now where did you go, you insects!
"Manifest Night" - Since Professor Vlood hasn't the strength to fight up front, he's had to develop other ways to prevail on the battlefield. He has made many attempts to create powerful weapons, but by far the most successful is Manifest Night. Using a machine on his back, Vlood is able to create a non-solid gas that put's up the illusion that it has become night. The "Gas" is actually no more than millions upon millions of microscopic particles. Realizing this, Shredder used his "Museifu Oute" to literally burn away the feint darkness.

Not much can be done about weakness, can it?
Christopher Slaizer is Jared Evsteel's right-hand warrior. He follows Jared loyaly and looks up to him as a father, although word within the military is he simply follows him so closely in order to keep himself Jared's 'favorite' warrior.
The one fact that really irritates Jared is that Slaizer is rather dense when it comes to battlefield stradegy, as Christopher truly believes fighting should only involve up-front brute force.

I'll break every bone in your body!
Stern is a man who lives up to his name. He is headstrong and has a short fuse, but he can think his way through problems if need be.
Stern is arrogant and will not accept someone refusing a fight. When he became infected by EX Disease he gained incredible strength, but strangely enough, his body did not change into a mechanized form... Instead becoming larger and stronger. This gave him an extra advantage in battle; Having his original body, he is much faster and more agile than his heavy-bodied, metallic enemies.
Using his abilities he quickly gained a group of followers, and he crowned himself leader of the gang, later naming it Roulette. The Roulette Gang takes advantage of the Exile Operations, and whilst the other groups join to fight the common enemy... Roulette ambushes these groups and pillages their various hideouts... Leaving no one behind to exact revenge.

A mysterious Exile boy who is somehow connected to Basher as well as other Exiles... His true Identity is a mystery, but he seems to be searching for someone...