Black Jack
Black Jack This is gonna be one Helluva ride...
Leon Goodrow, or "Shredder" as he prefers, is the strong, level-headed leader of Black Jack. He is usually the voice of reason within the group, but has the tendency of loosing his temper when the others show any signs of incompetence. He is especially annoyed by the constant bickering of Knuckles and Twitch. Out of all the members of Black Jack, Leon has been infected the longest, and therefore the most experienced at surviving in the lands outside the cities, this fact has kept his status as group leader from becoming arguable.
Leon's life before Exile, much like many of the other exiles, he claims to have forgotten... Although one uncomfortable matter regarding him among the others is the foreboding sense of darkness that surrounds him. Although he is looked up to as a hero to many exiles struggling for hope, some have felt a spine-chilling presence around him, a dark feeling that can't be explained, and may forever be so. Some have even wondered if perhaps he remembers his human life, but prefers to keep it hidden inside...

The burning of one's Soul
"Museifu Oute" (Anarchy Checkmate) - Shredder's most powerful attack; Museifu Oute, is capable of leveling a building! It is done by Shredder using his robotic structure to generate a massive amount of heat in his arms, and then unleashing it in one, gigantic, concentrated blast.
Shredder prefers to save it only for emergencies, as the technique consumes almost all of his body's energy just to use once. He has gauged the technique through self-conducted tests, and used the results to keep himself from expending all of his energy.

50% - At the bare minimum, this attack consumes approximately half of Shredder's energy.
60% - At this point the energy reaches behind Shredder, creating what could be called a barrier of fire.
70% - At 70% Shredders limbs become weak as the attack dies down, and he is nearly too tired to fight.
80% - At 80% energy, Shredder's arms and hands begin to cut open and bleed due to the extreme level of pressure. This is the highest energy Shredder tested, due to the damage it caused to himself, as well as the fatigue.

After 80% energy, Shredder can't keep himself from collapsing, but even so he has no interest in seeing how far he can push himself. Shredder sometimes fears if he pushed himself any more, he could even put his friends in danger...

I don't know if i'm trying to remember, or trying to forget...
Emily, probably one of the least affected by EX Disease, serves as the team's mechanic/medic. As a child, Emily was separated from her childhood friend when they were suspected of infection, and thrown out of the city alone. As luck would have it, she was discovered by Leon, who took her in and took care of her, and eventually came to think of her as a younger sister. The reason for her subtle physical alteration from the disease, is because her body had reacted in a reversed way, drastically altering her mental abilities, instead of physical. she has exhibited strange telekinetic forces at times, but only Leon has witnessed them, as she prefers to isolate herself when she feels the familiar mental signs. She has no control over her telekinetic powers, and is ashamed of this fact.
Emily owes her life to Black Jack, but is still haunted by a painful remnant of her infection, which is the loss of memory that came with her powers...
She cannot remember the name of the friend she was torn away from, or what he looked like.

I don't believe in Miracles
A quiet fellow, Mask is the team's source of information, having served as a spy before his exile, he is an expert at obtaining inside info. His dark, stoic and foreboding appearance makes him seem threatening, but in actuality Mask hates physical confrontation. Not even Leon knows what Mask's fighting capabilities are.

The Fist and the Feet
Knuckles and Twitch are the team's "Strong arms". They usually take care of any dirty work that Leon doesn't want to bother with.
Knuckles (as his name implies,) is the stronger of the two, and is also more short-tempered, which constantly tempts Twitch to instigate him out of amusement from the angry reaction he gets.
What Twitch doesn't have in strength he makes up for in speed, which, along with Knuckles' hot-headedness, is used in his advantage to aggravate his would-be comrade.

Let the games begin!
"The Game" - The name given to the power unleashed when Knuckles and Twitch join forces in battle. When activated, "The Game" divides out the remainder of the contrast between Knuckles' and Twitch's abilities, put simply; Knuckles gains the speed of Twitch, and Twitch gains the strength of Knuckles, resulting in two super-balanced, super-powered warriors, which can deal out deadly combos when they work in conjunction.